Face Planting Fried Pies & Drive-Thru Etiquette

I'm at the Wendy's today. They take my order, give me my number and I sit my happy ass down and wait for my food order to be ready.  Now some overfed Americans just hover over the counter. They pay for their meal, slide over and impatiently wait so they can shove a double western w/ cheese down their throat.  So my order comes out. Because he is the only one at the counter waiting for a meal, Bubba jr.  thinks it is his meal being served. Now, the employee did call out my name, number and order but the haze in Jr's eyes was as thick as his mouth was slack jawed.  So he has his schnoz squarely in my fries.   I have to approach him and say, "excuse me sir, i think that is my lunch."

He replies defensively as if there should be more safeguards in place to ensure he is not to be held accountable, "I don't know what is happening, I am completely amiss." 

Sit your ass down. They will call your name or number when the order is ready. And Another thing... Stop saying, "give me" or "I want.;"  You classless slob, try a "please" or "May I."  These people are busting their ass for minimum wage and deserve a little more respect.  What do they get? A bunch of fat, demanding, self-entitled pigs at the trough.  "Pigs at the trough Jerry, Pigs at the trough."