We're Wasting All The Soy Sauce

And what is the Chinese mustard for? Do I put that on a sandwich or one of those horrible egg rolls? Breaded cabbage? No thanks. The Chinese know most of those condiments are going in the trash, unused. They have found it to be, and I trust them on this, more efficient.  Yup, More efficient to give us every condiment, than to deal with certain Americans attitude over a packet of soy sauce, mustard or duck sauce.  You know the ones, they always have questions, want to substitute the soup for more fried rice and have some yet unknown use for 12 packets of fucking duck sauce. 

Another thing, when I pickup my dinner at 9:30 on a school night why is there a 9 year old kid taking my order?  On one hand I feel badly, the kid should be playing with his friends or sleeping, On the other hand I do like my beef and broccoli for $5.95