Millennials at the Office: They Take Naps, Wear Shorts and take off for their Birthday

The last 3 months I've been working side by side with the misunderstood millennials. As a member of Generation X,  I can totes appreciate the ideology they are bringing to the work place..  for the most part. We all know a 15 min power nap is a natural way to recharge.  The millennials have giant bean bags and soft blankets. (Approved!)  Millenials also wear shorts to work.  I bet they save a tone on Gold Bond during the summer. (Approved!)  I'm still having an issue with millennials taking off work for their birthday. I mean, you are a grown ass man! WTF?  Did they get raised in such a way that they think they are really actuality special. 

The millennials at my office are over educated and have accepted their situation in life.  My generation was the first not to earn as much as their parents.  Now Millennials have no expectation on making a strong salary. They life with parents longers and have roommates into their 30s.  Instead of curing cancer or something important, they are happy to work in an atmosphere they can most easily tolerate. They don't feel like they make an impact and therefor, not really that interested. 

Finally, do not ever tell a millennial that your phone is low on power and you did not bring a way to recharge.  I did that once and like 5 people stopped what they were doing. Work came to a grinding halt.   I can go without my phone for a couples hours.  It will be ok but thanks though.  No biggie.  OMG, It was like a dialed 911, these 5 were on a mission.  Finally,  Josh chimed in, "Hey try this cable from my e-cig."  It worked and now I am sick of millennials.

I think this millennial wants me to ask them about their podcast. Ohhh, you have two podcasts?  That is just super awesome. Statistically speaking, every millennial has a damn podcast.