Bone Crushing Rock Air-Talent
Dragon Slaying Imaging Director
Rising Program Director


Fister's Rock Experiences

97X WYYX Panama City - PD/Afternoon Riot 95.7 The X WVRX Knoxville - Imaging Director/Nights Project 96-1 WKLS Atlanta - Air-Talent 96.7 The Buzz WBZY Atlanta - Evenings 96.5 The Buzz WYNF Macon - AM Drive 104.1 The Fox KFXN New Orleans - Air-Talent 106.7 The End KKND New Orleans - Air-Talent Q106 WQBZ Macon - Nights NexGen, WideOrbit, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Music Master, PromoSuite, vCreative, VoxPro, DJB





WYNF Macon

Mornings P18-34 10.5 M18-34 7.9 W18-34 12.3



  • Program Director, PM Drive, Imaging Director
  • 97X WYYX - Panama City, FL (Active Rock) Magic Broadcasting
  • Music Master, NexGen, Adobe, PromoSuite, Live Appearances

  • Evening Air-Talent, Imaging Director
  • 95.7 The X WVRX - Knoxville, TN (Active Rock) Mid-West Communication
  • WideOrbit, Adobe, PromoSuite, Live Appearances

  • Evening Air-Talent 96.7 The Buzz WBZY - Atlanta, GA (Alternative) iHeart
  • NexGen, Adobe Audition

  • Air-Talent
  • 106.7 The End KKND & 104.1 The Fox - New Orleans, LA (New Rock) iHeart
  • NexGen, Adobe

  • Evening Air-Talent
  • Q106 WQBZ - Macon, GA (Rock) iHeart
  • NexGen, Adobe Audition

  • BS Journalism - Georgia College & State University 
  • Microsoft Certified Professional




"Hi, my name is Fister.  I'm a heavy drinker and selfish in the bedroom. Nice to meet you."

Like many people, Fister came to Panama City because he did something terrible in another community and the 97X bullet proof windows have been a refuge of the damned for over 20 years.  As a seasoned dude, Fister brings wisdom and experience to the party animals of the Panhandle.  He is a beacon of light to many and an inspiration to all. Think of Fister as your Oracle, your big brother, and Panama City's new Demigod.  

Did you know?  Before joining 97X, Fister's last job was installing pee cams in sorority houses. Plus, Fister holds the world record for the number of flights over Columbia's Cordillera Mountain range for shipments of the white numby numb sweet powdery goodness. 97X has taken Fister away from all that and now he works for us. Fister's assignment: rock hard, pound beers and crush puss!

'I'll say anything, I'll risk everything and I got nothing to lose." - Fister

Photo Courtesy of Rachael Craig Photos Knoxville, TN

Fister Wilson

10 Foot Tall Barrel Chested Beastman Who Showers in Vodka and Feeds his Baby Shrimp Scampi


There are two kinds of van guys. Guess which one Fister is. What kind of van can you get for $1200? Check out this sweet van Fister picked up and follow him on instagram: Crusher_Van as he attempts to go #vanlife

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I was at the grocery store and realized the material used in packaging a steak is actually the same material they use for diapers.

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If you are face planting your fried pie before you have left the drive-thru lane, before you have even depressed the brake pedal, you're bringing us all down a notch. And another thing...

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Ppl who unbutton their pants and pull down their zipper before they are even at the toilet. Ppl who talk on the phone while on the commode. What are yours? If someone is using the phone while in a public bathroom, I make noises like there is murder going on. They are forced to concede the call, "I'm sorry, I'll have to call you back."

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You know what grinds my gears? 85% of soy sauce from Chinese take out is going unused, completely wasted. #murica Plus, what is going on with the duck sauce anyway? I have no idea about the duck sauce. And what is the Chinese mustard for?

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Fister's rip off alert. The pillow top mattress industry is a big sca.

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At first it was just a handful of these curious millennials at work. Now I am out numbered by a group of ppl who's behaviours are compelling to Generation X but absolutely horrifying to Baby Boomers. Are they lazy or just misunderstood? Are they apathetic or realists? Are they smarter than everyone around them? Yes but they don't have the tools to make an impact and therefor just don't give a shit.

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Plus, my take on Millennials

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Fish heads Fish heads Eat them up yum

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In the real world, when we did not want to know the score of a game or the ending of a movie, here is what we did. We turned off the TV, computer, radio or anything that disseminated the pertinent information. These days, spoiled kids believe, in their heart that no one....

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Bone Crusher's rant on middle urinal guy and one weird trick to emptying your bowels with a bowl full of eggs ad. #Middle #urinal #guy #bone #crusher

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